Anabella Georgi is a Berlin-based designer dedicated to explore the world of contemporary furniture and object design. She is known for working with many materials, often-exotic ones, transforming  vivid and colorful shapes and textures into functional, custom-made furniture and household objects.  Her creations have been part of exhibitions in Latin America, Europe and the United States.

Anabella graduated from Prodiseño Visual Communication Institute in Caracas, Venezuela in 1998. Soon after completing her degree, Anabella worked for several years as a graphic designer and earned the “Design Distinction in Student Work” award given by the prestigious design magazine ID, for her participation in the project “Venezuela Inc.” that included her work: “Re-design of Venezuelan Paper Money”.

Her passion for simple shapes, vivid colors and graphic rhythms opens the path to create her own language, which has a graphic design influence. Her designs have its own identity, displaying the joy, dynamism, contrast, diversity, light and rhythms of the Latin American culture. Through her vision, each piece of furniture, besides fulfilling its utilitarian functionality, becomes a dynamic composition element filling the space with life.

Committed to sustainable design, Anabella recycles the scraps of material and discovers a world of possibilities, mixing figures, colors and textures. She travels to scout for new ideas, forms and materials to create textiles for her pieces, which she assembles by hand giving each of her creations a unique touch.

Anabella works with artisans in search of new possibilities has a deep knowledge of the different native materials of Venezuela and looks for new ways to revive them into unique textures and fabrics. She understands the economic importance of craftsmanship for small communities, the strength they have as an expression in our culture and the nobility of materials.

With each of her designs, you discover a playful world full of mixtures, contrasts and rhythms. Her creations come straight from the heart, expressing essential emotions and feelings to create happy moments of life enjoyment. She focus on handmade, unique designs, which won her international awards and the respect throughout the design industry.


SALONE SATELLITE, 20 YEARS OF NEW CREATIVITY, Fabbrica del Vvapors /  Milano, Italia 2017.

NEW TERRITORIES, Amparo Museum / Puebla, México 2016.

NEW TERRITORIES, MAD Museum / New York, USA 2014-2015.

NO MATERIA, Carlos Cruz Diez Museum / Caracas, Venezuela. 2012.

DESIGN BOOM / Ponce, Puerto Rico. 2012.

INVENTORY, Design District, Art Basel / Miami, USA. 2012

SALONE SATELLITE, Fiera del Mobile de Milano / Milano, Italia. 2012.

WORKSHOP Hermanos Campana, Facultad de Arquitectura, UCV / Caracas,Venezuela. 2010.

SALONE SATELLITE, Fiera del Mobile de Milano / Milano, Italia. 2009.

IDENTIDAD PARA LLEVAR SOUVENIRS DEL SIGLO XXI, Carlos Cruz Diez Museum / Caracas, Venezuela. 2008.

TODOS CON TODOS, Spacio-t, Los Galpones / Caracas, Venezuela, 2007.

PARA LLEVAR, Spacio-t , Los Galpones / Caracas, Venezuela, 2007.

HOLANDA 2005, Latin American Design Foundation / Amsterdam- Nederland, 2005.

HOLANDA 2003, Latin American Design Foundation / Amsterdam, Holanda, 2003.

7º. Exposición de diseño de Buenos Aires / Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2004.

VENEZUELA INCORPORADA,                            La Estancia Museum / Caracas , Venezuela. 1999.


WORKSHOP REDISEÑO DEL SOUVENIR VENEZOLANO DEL SIGLO XI.                       British Council / Susy Wood (Graphic Designer, WoodMcGrath – UK)  / Simon Armstrong (Design Museum London. UK) / Teresa Mulet (Graphic Designer, Venezuela) / Caracas, Venezuela. 2007.

WORKSHOP CAMPANA BROTHERS  Humberto y Fernando Campana (Designers, Brasil), Marva Griffin (Salone Satellite, Milano), Paola Antonelli ( MOMA. NY, USA), Henrique Vera, Gustavo Izaguirre. (FAU-UCV, Venezuela) / Caracas. Venezuela. 2010.


CORNELIS ZITMAN / 3er. place. “ Campana Brothers Workshop” Jurado: FAU, UCV (Caracas), Marva Griffin (Salone Satellite, Fiera del Mobile, Milan, Italy ), Campana Brothers Brazilian Designers), Paola Antonelli, ( Moma. NY, USA) / Caracas, Venezuela. 2010

BID / Bienal Iberoamericana de diseño / Textile design. Bienal Iberoamericana de diseño / Madrid, España. 2010.

DESIGN DISTINCTION IN STUDENT WORK,     ID magazine, Annual Design Review 2000 / USA. 2000