fibra / proyecto junto a máXimaduDa

FIBRA is the first line of design of furniture realized in Moriche, fiber elaborated by the etnia Warao. It is the reutilization or innovation of a traditional indigenous material to create a contemporary form. Fibra overcomes the limits between the: modern and the primitive, industry and the artisan, the dynamic and the static, the hard and the flexible. It creates a range of products that come to life generating their own identity charged with tradition, warmth, nobility and eroticism, and it is seductive due to its organic forms.

Fibra is a collaboration project of Anabella Georgi with Maxima Duda.

MAXIMADUDA * Máximaduda Design Lab is dedicated to contributing to the improvement of indigenous craft communities by means of a project to fusetraditional textile crafts typical of native Venezuelan craftsmanship with design techniques.

MISS DELTA / chair





MISS are made from different layers of moriche that generate spaces where light can penetrate forming contrasts, transparencies and textures. Their elegant volume inspires a feeling of protection; the comfort upon sitting is almost maternal since the moriche layers coddle you softly thanks to the nobility of the material.


MISS DELTA / chair






CULEBRA / lampDSC05154

CULEBRA Its flexible and organic structure allows people to interact and mould the shape of the lamp generating different volumes.